Professional Integration

Le parcours apprenant.e : un programme d'inclusion professionnelle pour les réfugiés

Tissu Solidaire propose une multitude d’activités pour accélérer l’intégration sociale et professionnelle des nouveaux arrivants.

Nous avons créé un parcours apprenant.e tremplin d’insertion professionnelle via l’artisanat à travers :

- French as a foreign language classes

- Sewing classes

– La création d’un sac à dos personnel pour chaque artisan

- An individualised support to employement

Pour qui?

Le programme est destiné aux personnes ayant le droit de travailler en France, bénéficiaire du RSA et/ou inscrite à Pôle Emploi.

French as a foreign language classes

The aim of French as a foreign language classes is to allow learners to develop know-how and language know-how specific to their integration in working and everyday life!

The course was designed for level A1 and A2 learners

Apprentissage du français association Tissu Solidaire Lyon - Annecy
Atelier de couture gratuit association Tissu Solidaire

Sewing Classes

Sewing courses aim to professionally re-engage participants by allowing them to consolidate or acquire new skills and help build their personal and professional paths.

In addition to the technical skills related to sewing (thoroughness, measurements, pattern, tailoring, etc.), the acquisition of behavioral skills (confidence, empathy, time management, communication, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, daring, sense of the collective , etc.) is also targeted.

Employment support

Social and professional support aims at defining a professional project and redirecting the person towards adapted paths (training, insertion structure, or directly towards employment).

Espace de coworking à Villeurbanne Tissu Solidaire
Sac à dos éco-responsables Association Tissu Solidaire

Creation of a backpack collection

Thanks to a fructuous collaboration with textile design students from La Martinière Diderot’s High School, Tissu Solidaire’s craftsmen sew one backpack collection per promotion (design, manufacturing, distribution).


Draw on Knowledge, highlight it while training craftsmen: a participative, inclusive and virtuous process.

An evocation to travel: as a symbol of the migratory journey, the backpack was thought of as an extension of oneself, a testimony of exile

The Craftsmen

Adib, Wafa, Batkhishigt, Eljona and Sarvar followed the first promotion of The Thread in 2019 for 4 months. They tell us about it!

Adib Algamo Tissu Solidaire


“I am a professional dressmaker in my country but I newer sewed a backpack; I learned in the association. I made new friends with whom I learn French and about French culture. I feel good here and I got a job”

Wafa Yacoob Tissu Solidaire


“I’ve been participating in the association’s activities since March, I am learning sewing techniques, the manipulation of a sewing machine, the take of responsibility, and work efficiency”

batkhishigt Tissu Solidaire


“Since I’m here I have learned to make a buttonhole, to recognize fabrics, to cut fabrics. I’ve also been learning French and made some new friends” 

Eljona Kertolli Tissu Solidaire


“For those who don’t know this good association yet, I’m saying: come at the Tissu Solidaire if you have the time to learn small and useful things for everyday life and for your pleasure”

Sarvar Heydari Tissu Solidaire


“I was a dressmaker, but I had never made a backpack before. Today I’m doing it thanks to the Tissu Solidaire. I’m about to enter a work-study program in September”