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Who are we?

Our manifesto

Exiled people encounter multiple obstacles to their inclusion in France: language barrier, social exclusion, systematic professional downgrading, etc.

Our asylum system is flawed: slow procedures, waste of talent, ghettoization of facilities, etc. 

Territories and industries are weakening and encounter difficulties: loss of know-how, lack of social links, need for labour, etc. 

The welcoming of exiled people is unworthy of us, the needs of the local economy remain little or poorly covered and push us to act. 

Tissu Solidaire's mission is to accelerate the inclusion of exiled people through the valorization of manual know-how and to promote their return to employment in the textile industry.

As humanists, we offer tools for the inclusion of exiled people in the host society. As realists, we choose to respond to the needs of the textile industry by positioning ourselves as a trusted third party. 

Our Dream

We dream of an inclusive and welcoming society in which exiled and resident people weave together the history of their territory.

Our Mission

Tissu Solidaire accelerates the inclusion of people in exile by promoting manual skills and encouraging a return to employment in the textile industry.

 The team

Flora Vidal Marron
Founder & Director

Marion Boulet
Responsable des programmes

Ayam Eskenazi
Animateur de communauté

Laure Souvignet
Social and professional support contributor

Fanny Rousselot–Viallet
Chargée de communication

Angélica Andrade
Professeure de Français Langue Étrangère

Laetitia de Nadai
Chargée d’administration

Marie Odin
Professeure de couture

Le bureau

Isabelle Colson Tissu Solidaire
Clémence Crozet Tissu Solidaire
Jacques Tassi Tissu Solidaire
Pierre Poizat Tissu Solidaire

Isabelle Colson 


Clémence Crozet

Jacques Tassi
Board Member

Pierre Poizat

Our History

In September 2015, Flora Vidal Marron came back to Lyon after 18 months abroad. 

After a lot of indignation and research, she notices that only 12% of refugees have a connection with a host citizen. 

With Caroline and Elise, met at the IAE of Lyon, they perform a needs study in the asylum center of a suburban area in Lyon.

There, they realise that sewing is craftsmanship mastered by newcomers and that it can become a wonderful tool of social mediation. 

And the Tissu Solidaire was born.

événements association Tissu Solidaire

Partners / Sponsors

Private and public financial partners support tissu solidaire. They allow us to design and implement free and quality support. Aligned with a shared vision and open to cooperation; operational partners are joining forces with the Tissu Solidaire to create together tools for social and professional inclusion of newcomers in an efficient and global manner.

They finance us

We work hand in hand

They accompany us


Our news

La Fabrique du Commun est de retour !

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La 4ème Promo du Parcours FIL a débuté la confection du sac à dos ! En attendant le résultat, vous pouvez toujours acheter ceux des anciennes promotions !

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